How satisfied are you with your current Kelowna Janitorial company? Did you select your janitorial company because they were the lowest-bidder? Quality janitorial companies often charge a bit more because of the efforts they put into properly training and hiring the right people to service you. Paying less in the beginning may cost you extensively in the future. What if the company uses the wrong products and something is ruined, or they just do a lack-luster job and your premises just don’t look clean? This reflects badly on your customers and clients. Then there is the hassle and time required to find yet another company once you’ve decided they are doing a poor job and costing you more than they are worth. Saving money upfront may not save you money in the long run when it comes to janitorial services in Kelowna.

How does the lowest bidder do it? How can they do what other companies do, while being cheaper? There are only two ways a that a low bidder can can succeed, they can ask their staff to do some of the work for nothing or, they can leave something out, skip services, and hope that you won’t notice. Which do you think they will do? We believe that by working together we can design the janitorial specifications exactly for your circumstances and that will fit your budget (however big or small). By spending that money with us you will receive the work and outcome which you desire, while at the same time being cost effective. Contact Malibu Janitorial today and let us put together a quote for you.