When it’s time to select your next janitorial or office cleaning service, keep these things in mind. What questions will be asked of you? How much information should you reveal? What should you expect? Below are some basic questions any reputable janitorial company will need to know in order to give you a competitive bid.

How many days a week will your business require cleaning?
Don’t be afraid to tell the cleaning company want you want. If they baulk, or try to get you to fit into their schedule, tell them ” no thanks” and stand your ground

What day(s) and time will the cleaning be done?
The day(s) that you want service should be decided up front. Don’t tell the cleaning company ” it doesn’t matter”, because some will treat you like it doesn’t matter.

Which areas of your facility are to be cleaned?
You should have exact details as to which areas you want serviced, and where it is and is not necessary, so there are no misunderstandings, as to what was to be cleaned and what was not.

How many restrooms will be cleaned?
Restrooms typically account for less than 5% of the total cleanable square footage of a building however, they account for about 95% of all cleaning complaints.

Who buys, the restroom and break-room paper supplies and refill-ables, as well as trash can liners?
Next to labor issues, this is the single biggest problem for cleaning companies. Paper costs can change so much and so often that in order to be profitable, cleaning companies try to avoid buying paper at all cost.

How many employees and customers are in the building?
This needs to be discussed so that the cleaning company can project the average “wear and tear” your building faces between cleanings.

What are the problems you are facing now?
It needs to be said that too many cleaning companies bid on accounts when they don’t know what they are up against. If a company does not ask you what cleaning issues you are facing, then they probably haven’t been ” seasoned” long enough, and you should reject their bid.