Residential Cleaning


If you need a professional cleaning service or maid service with attention to detail, professionalism and great customer service, call Malibu Janitorial Inc. We hire only the best professional maids and housekeepers who know how to make your home really shine! We have over 9 years experience in residential cleaning and our customers remain loyal because of our personalized customer service.

Malibu Janitorial is strongly committed to providing high quality house cleaning services to our clients on an ongoing basis. Quality assurance is the central focus for each supervisor and manager in the company, being reflected in there job descriptions and job performance criteria. The quality control procedures are crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and are taken through each level of management and supervision to the cleaners at the work sites.

Our house cleaning service provides you with trained reliable house cleaners, who are supervised regularly & monitored by our managers. Malibu Janitorial, take care of your every need including obtaining janitorial supplies of your choice. We have house cleaners available on short notice to cover emergencies any day of the week.

At Malibu Janitorial, we understand that modern careers and lifestyles can be demanding, and it can be challenging to find the time to do household tasks. We bridge the gap between a busy lifestyle and a clean home, with affordable cleaning services that meet the precise needs and requirements of each unique client. We offer a flexible option program to each of our clients while providing the consistent level of service you expect.

We know that your time is valuable and a clean house is important to you. That is why we provide fast, reliable house cleaning services at affordable prices for your peace of mind ALL our housekeepers, maids and contractors are full insured.