Why Malibu?

The benefit of a local janitor

A local janitorial service like Malibu Janitorial can improve your community through their hard-earned money being put back into the town you love; Kelowna. Money spent with local businesses creates a ripple effect through the community, allowing money to have a multiplier effect as local companies work with each other.

Why not keep your janitorial service in Kelowna with the same ease of outsourcing? Think of the benefits of the friendly local business Malibu Janitorial. First, you will be supplying more local jobs and second, you will be making sure your tax dollars are going back into the city you do business in. Don’t let a large corporation come in and shuffle all their taxable earnings to a different tax area? The use of large cleaning corporations introduces a hindrance to personal choice and diversity of services that are lost due to decisions being made by executives from another city or state. Big business leads to standard reformed practices and bland products offered; leaving no room to diversify services for individual needs, locations, and preferences. In comparison, local businesses like Malibu Janitorial improve the community’s character, defining a sense of patronage for your local area. Your community’s long term health is greatly impacted by your decision to use great local companies near you.